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[Shouhou's Seiro] Steaming Board | 35cm


About Shouhou's Seiro Steaming Board Steaming Board is a convenient kitchen appliance when using seiro (steamer).When using the steaming board, put it between the seiro and pot.This page is only...

About Shouhou's Seiro Steaming Board

Steaming Board is a convenient kitchen appliance when using seiro (steamer).

When using the steaming board, put it between the seiro and pot.

This page is only for the steaming board product.
※ Seiro is sold separately.


Even if you don't have a pot that fits perfectly for your seiro (steamer), you can still use your existing pot if you have a steaming board.

You can choose from 5 different sizes of steaming board,
so you don't have to buy new pot.

The steaming board will stabilize the seiro and helps the dish to steamed properly because you could use more hot water on the pot.

In addition, the steaming board will keep your seiro from burning and make the seiro last longer.

The seiro's ease-of-use will greatly improved with only using the steaming board.

Please try to use the Shouhou's Seiro together with the steaming board by all means.
※ Please be careful when handling as it becomes hot.


Seiro recipe | Easy, healthy steamed dishes
[Seiro Recipe] It is efficient to use seiro because I live in a family with small children and want to do housework with few hands as possible.
I started to use seiro when a friend that also have children told me that using seiro is very convenient for my circumstance.
At first, I have a hard time to buy a seiro because of impressions like "seiro is an inconvenience", "hard to take care of", and "takes a long time to use". But now I keep using it.
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Shouhou's Seiro Steaming Board - Size Variations

You can choose from the 5 size variations.

About Shouhou's Seiro


"Shouhou" is a specialized store for Chinese cooking utensils in Yokohama's China Town district for more than 50 years.

In Shouhou, many of the original products manufactured through the hands of top-class artisans from carefully selected materials.
Shouhou is a store that manufactures and sells many kinds of Chinese cooking utensils and tablewares. The sales start from the origin of Shouhou store, the China Town, and now gained a great deal of trust from cooks throughout Japan.

One of the most popular products from Shouhou is the "Seiro" which been acknowledged by the chef from Iron Chef Show (a popular cooking show from Japan).


The steaming board also have the Shouhou's (照宝) name engraved in the product.

The seiro product from Shouhou is also attractive because it is available in many sizes and materials, so you can choose the perfect size of your home pot.

If you visit the actual store, the seiro varies the size of 10 to 60 cm diameter, depth of 3 to 10 cm, there are seiro that fits for a big pot to small-sized pot, and there also many products that fit IH.

We choose carefully the Shouhou products that are easy to handle on a daily basis among those many products.


Shouhou's Seiro Product Lineup

Please check the seiro product's pages by all means.
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The Charms of Seiro

• It is easy to use to cook the oil-free steamed food, so you could take a healthy meal everyday.
• You could eat food as it is without losing any nutrients when steamed rather than boiled food.
• You can enjoy the warm food as you can put the food on a plate (before cooking) and put the freshly done food on the table as it is.
• It is light and easy to handle. So, you could easily use it for a daily basis and it helps you to broaden your cooking variations.

Please use the convenient steaming board when using seiro and enjoy the delicious steamed dishes made at home.

Product Details

Size 35cm
Manufacturer Shouhou